Wilson weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit - 470103F


Boosts Talk, Text and 4G LTE data; For home or office, indoors; For multiple devices and users; Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers; Up to +65 dB Gain; Expected Coverage Area up to 5,000 sq. ft.


Item: #470103F; 4G LTE; Up to 5,000 sq.ft.; 65 dB Gain


4G | 5,000 sq. ft.







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Wilson weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit - 470103F
Was $849.99 (You save $90.00)

Wilson weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit - 470103F

In Stock - ships in 1-2 business days.

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    Your Price:
    Was $849.99 (You save $90.00)

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    Product Overview

    Say goodbye to dropped calls, poor call quality, and slow internet.

    • Wilson Electronics weBoost’s most popular 4G home cell phone signal booster
    • Boosts 4G LTE & 3G signals for entire home, office, cottage, and business
    • Up to 5,000 sq ft coverage depending on outside signal
    • Enhances talk, text, and high-speed 4G LTE internet
    • Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers indoors

    For the most powerful home signal booster (up to 7,500 sq ft), see the weBoost Connect 4G-X.

    The Wilson Electronics weBoost Connect 4G is a mid-tier amplifier that wirelessly enhances cell signals for cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, Kindle, etc). With up to +65 dB gain, it provides stronger signal, longer battery life, and clear connections to your phone.

    With over 40 years of industry-leading telecom experience, weBoost by Wilson Electronics has been solving frustrating cell phone reception problems with IC-certified signal boosters for weak signal areas in the city or remote rural areas. Easy to install, complete DIY kit.

    PRODUCT Top 10 Benefits

    This model comes with a directional antenna. It must be pointed at a cell tower for best results.
    • 1 Eliminates Dropped Calls
    • 2 Crystal Clear Voice
    • 3 Quickly Delivered Text
    • 4 Faster Uploads & Downloads
    • 5 Reliable Connection
    • 6 Improved Reception
    • 7 Wider Coverage
    • 8 Reduced Dead Zones
    • 9 More Bars
    • 10 Longer Battery Life

    Who is this for?

    You need reliable signal for talk & text and high speed 4G LTE internet for the entire home or office. You can’t deal with dropped calls, fish tank voices, stuck text messages, and internet slower than a checkout line. You know the location of your nearest cell tower and can point your outside antenna towards it for best results.

    With this signal booster, get better talk & text and much faster high-speed 4G LTE. Perfect for people needing fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps such as Google Chrome, Safari browser, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and other data-heavy apps.

    Get the signal you deserve, up to 5,000 sq ft of coverage depending on your outside signal. Get ready for dependable connections, clear calls, and fast 4G internet.

    Which Carriers Does it Work for?

    The Wilson Electronics weBoost 470103F Connect 4G amplifies talk & text, 3G, and 4G LTE for all major carrier networks except WiMax and iDen.

    • All Canadian carriers (4G LTE & 3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc.
    • Frequencies: 700Mhz, 850Mhz, 1900Mhz, and AWS 1700/2100Mhz.

    How Does it Work?

    It works by pulling in the existing weak signal with a directional (yagi) antenna, amplifying it multiple times with weBoost’s patented SmarTech III technology. The amplified signal bypasses all exterior and interior obstructions and interference directly to your entire home or office.

    From the cell tower straight to your phone for clearer calls, faster internet, wider coverage, and stable connections. Say goodbye to interruptions. For best results, it's best to have a distance of at least 6.09 metres vertically or 15.24 metres horizontally between the Outside and Inside Antenna.

    • Outside Antenna
      Pulls in Tower Signal
    • Signal Booster
      Amplifies the Signal
    • Inside Antenna
      Re-broadcasts Signal
    • Cell Phone
      Gets Boosted signal

    What’s Included In the Complete Kit?

    Connect 4g cell phone booster Kit (Item # 470103F) Includes:

    Connect 4G Multi-band Cell Phone Amplifier/Repeater Item # 470003
    Inside Wall Panel Antenna Item # 311155
    Outside Directional Antenna Item # 314475
    Power Supply Item # 859948
    9 m White Low Loss RG6 (75ohm) Coax Cable (x2) Item # 950630
    Installation Manual & Instructions Item # 470103

    Coverage Area & Product Specifications

    The existing outside signal strength that you receive from the roof of your home or office (where you would mount the outside antenna) has a large impact on the amount of coverage area you get from a signal booster. It is important to remember that there are many factors that go into determining the coverage area, so actual results may vary from these estimates.

    Strong 5-bar outside signal Boosted indoor signal for up to 5,000 sq. ft.
    Strong 3 to 4-bar (-90 dB) outside signal  Boosted indoor signal for up to 3,500 sq. ft.
    Strong 1 to 2-bar (-100 dB) outside signal  Boosted indoor signal for up to 1,000 sq. ft.
    No existing outside signal A signal booster likely will not work
    The most powerful home/office signal booster

    The weBoost Connect 4G™ cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, etc - in your home or workspace.

    Band 13
    BAND 5
    BAND 4
    BAND 25/2
    700 Mhz
    700 Mhz
    850 Mhz
    1700/2100 Mhz
    1900 Mhz
    MAX GAIN 65 decibels (dB)
    IMPEDANCE 75 Ohms
    POWER 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
    DIMENSIONS 16 x 11 x 3.5 cm
    WEIGHT 0.20 kg (amplifier only)
    UPC 811815024521
    Specifications Sheet(PDF)

    Installation Instructions

    The product is easy to install. Everything is included in the kit.

    If you have questions or require assistance, please call our customer and tech support at 1-800-373-2927 or email at sales@WilsonAmplifiersCanada.ca. We will be happy to assist you in every step of the way.

    Wilson Amplifiers provides a free service to help you along the way. Please check out our blog for more information.


    Watch product info and how-to guides videos from our experts.


    About weBoost Connect 4G

    How to install a weBoost Home Kit

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    1. ratings and reviews In the North Carolina mountain there is lots of dead spots for cellular service. I have installed this system and gone from one bar to full signal. thanks
    2. ratings and reviews Great booster it works great for me. From 1 bar of 4G to 3 bars 4G and more than doubled download and upload speeds.
    3. ratings and reviews Works great , easy to install
    4. ratings and reviews Works great , easy to install
    5. ratings and reviews Great booster it works great for me. From 1 bar of 4G to 3 bars 4G and more than doubled download and upload speeds.
    6. ratings and reviews The kit arrived ahead of schedule. The directions were clear and easy to use. The unit performs as advertised.
    7. ratings and reviews 4G/LTE is improved at times but voice data suffers
    8. ratings and reviews Can you hear me now... YES

      Purchased product for the in-laws farmhouse with steel siding surrounded by trees. Only way to make a phone call on a cellphone was to be next to one of two on the 2nd floor or out on the deck (Doesn't work so well in -20F weather). Didn't matter if you were Verizon or AT&T; coverage sucked. After instillation of the amplifier they are able to make phone call anywhere in the house. Took a few hours to find the right trajectory of the antenna but the effort was worth the time. The entire instillation was plug and play. If you can connect your TV to a cable box you can install this product. At the time of this review the product had been installed for 4 days and survived one blizzard.

      Location: Rural ND
      Product: Wilson weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit - 470103
    9. ratings and reviews So far so good!! Installed today and am getting 4G reception of 3-4 bars with my Apple 6S and Verizon! Thanks Wilson!
    10. ratings and reviews Better than nothing. I used to get 1 bar of 3g, now I get 2 to 3 bars of 3g in the house. It did nothing for my 4G (verizon). My wife now gets about 1 bar more of 4G (at&t) which gets her up to 3 bars. For the price, I think Wilson Electronics should offer a 'trade-in' for customers that had purchased their old 3G units as they were also expensive.

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